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"I make more money working with them (IQ Tech Pros) than I could with a traditional consulting company."
-R. Davis, OH
"Even after 30 years in [the channel] business, every once in a while I am pleasantly pleased to find a company in the industry that is providing a great service..."
-Robert Cohen,
"With IQ Tech Pros, I am earning 33% more than with my previous employer. And getting paid on time."
-W. Li, CA
"Transparency–is the word which comes to my mind when I mention IQ Tech Pros to any of my colleagues. Right from keeping me posted on all my legal paperwork, to sharing my contract info with me and advising me on my professional and personal growth"
-Ketan R., TX
"I have had no problems with regards to immigration, insurance, payroll and other miscellaneous things while being employed with IQ Tech Pros. I would recommend anyone who wishes to consult to seriously consider joining IQ Tech Pros."
-G. Taneja, CA
"I would recommend IQ Tech Pros to anyone out there who is looking for professional independence and looking to be guided by the best in the business."
-Ketan R., TX
"I have access to affordable Health Insurance and a 401k plan.I would definitely recommend IQ Tech Pros..."
-R. Davis, OH
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H1B Transfer FAQs

Here are the eight most common questions we hear from consultants that are considering transferring their H1B to IQ Tech Pros:

  1. Do I need to get permission from my current employer? No, there is no need inform your current employer. IQ Tech Pros will file a new H1B petition with the USCIS on your behalf.
  2. I want to transfer my H1B, does this mean I need a new VISA? No, although an H1B transfer  involves the same general process as filing for a new H1B, it is actually a new H1B petition that is being filed with the USCIS. This document simply reflects a change in employment.
  3. Will my transfer count against the H1B quota? No, H1B transfers are not counted against the cap. You will not lose any ground regarding your Green Card.
  4. How long must I wait before I can begin working for IQ Tech Pros? Since IQ Tech Pros uses premium processing, you can begin working as an IQ Tech Pros’ employee immediately upon resolution of your case, often in fewer than 15 working days!
  5. Is the process difficult? IQ Tech Pros will ensure you stay in the country legally using the state of the art H1B employee management system and the winning strategies of our immigration attorneys.
  6. I’ve already completed a Visa transfer in the past with another company, am I still eligible for H1B transfer with IQ Tech Pros?  Yes! There is no limit to the number of times you apply for H1B transfer.
  7. I used to hold H1B status but am currently classified under H4. Can IQ Tech Pros help me reclaim my H1B status? Yes! IQ Tech Pros can help you reclaim your previous cap number if you have held H1B status within the past year
  8. If the current H1B cap has been filled, what services can IQ Tech Pros offer me? Even when the current cap is reached, the USCIS will continue to review a variety of immigration cases. IQ Tech Pros works hand-in-hand with the nation's top immigration attorneys at Murthy Law Firm to:
  • Extend the amount of time a current H1B worker may remain in the U.S.
  • Facilitate terms of employment changes (title or position changes within the same company) for current H1B workers
  • Transfer current H1B's to a new employee
  • Allow current H1B's to work on a second project

Nervous About H1B Transfer Fees?

IQ Tech Pros will cover your H1B transfer fees including the attorney and USCIS fees for qualified consultants AND ensure that you are in compliance with current and upcoming immigration policies and laws. This means your H1B Visa can be processed without delay.

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