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Custom Application Management IT Services

Custom Application Management


  1. Is your business model driving application strategy or is it the other way around?
  2. Are your application development strategies adapting to changing market ecosystems?
  3. How are you coping with shifting market trends–such as business differentiation, time-to-market and operational flexibility?
  4. Have your previous vendors leveraged collaborative ideas and techniques to keep your applications on the cutting edge and help your business compete at the highest level?
  5. Are you receiving maximum ROI on your application strategy investments?
What should you do?


You may want to consider:

You may want to consider Custom Application Management services from IQ Tech Pros, the world’s largest full-service IT integration network with over 20,000 certified IT professionals.

Solutions and Services

Following are some of the Custom Application Management services available through IQ Tech Pros. (Click here to download brochure)

Application Consulting Services. Analyze your current application suite and understand how to address specific process failures, unmet needs and opportunities.
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting. Define an architecture strategy to guide selection, implementation, operation and evaluation of technologies within your organization.
  • Product Assessment. Functional and package assessments of your current application architecture–includes GAP analysis to identify critical needs.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Flexible design principles integrate your applications with organizational business processes.
  • Security. Services include:
    1. Threat Modeling
    2. Authentication & Authorization Strategy
    3. Vulnerability Analysis & Control
    4. Data Protection
  • Feasibility & Requirements Analysis. Evaluate a series of solutions for guidance in your decision-making process.
  • Performance & Scalability. Services include:
    1. Performance Modeling
    2. Code Optimization & Review
    3. Performance Testing
    4. Capacity Planning.

Custom Application Development. Build a custom application suite to meet your specific operational requirements. Services include:

  • Requirements Discovery. Identify and define precise requirements in critical technologies to guarantee your end goals are satisfied.  
  • Application Design. Design services to modernize and optimize your application, database and dataflow architecture.
  • Development & Deployment. Iterative design processes maximize production quality and shorten delivery time.
  • Mission-critical Testing. Thorough, realistic testing procedures guarantee your applications meet requirements.

Application Migration & Modernization – Mainframe & Legacy Systems. Seamlessly transition your applications without losing critical data.

  • Modernization. Transition from your legacy applications into dynamic, cost-effective and business-centered systems to better run your business.
  • Migration. Safely transfer structured or unstructured content–and the applications that support them–into upgraded, enhanced or modernized IT environments.

Application Integration Services. Implement your application strategy and your organization will enjoy more efficient business processes immediately.

  • Enterprise Application Integration. Enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise to improve organizational efficiencies.
  • Electronic Data Interchange. Safely transfer your structured and unstructured data into upgraded, enhanced or modernized IT environments.
  • Business Process Management. Become a more efficient, more effective and more agile organization and align your business processes with the wants and needs of your clients.

Independent Validation & Verification. Quality assurance testing that will meet or exceed your industry and organizational standards.

Plus more!

If you have custom needs or projects that are “outside-the-box,” IQ Tech Pros can provide specialized IT services to keep your business running smoothly.

Why Use IQ Tech Pros?

There are four main reasons to consider the IQ Tech Pros network

  1. It is the world’s largest full-service network of highly qualified IT talent.  
  2. It provides the best IT professionals.  
  3. The services are scalable. 
  4. The pricing is highly competitive.

Let’s look at each of these points in detail:

1.) World’s Largest Talent Base. With over 20,000 certified IT consultants and integrators specializing in every major field, the IQ Tech Pros network has more pre-qualified, full-service IT talent than any other source.

  • Immediate Infrastructure. From start to finish, your project is in the capable hands of certified project managers, business analysts, thought leadership professionals and the world’s largest full-service IT integration network. 
  • Customized Project Teams. Project managers and business analysts compile your requirements and assemble talent based on your specific project needs. You can access team member profiles for review at any time.

2.) The Best IT Professionals. The IQ Tech Pros network has the best IT professionals:

  • IQ Tech Pros Employees. Unlike freelance sites that are filled with thousands of unscreened independent contractors who require separate vendor IDs, most IT talent hired through IQ Tech Pros are employees of the world’s largest full-service integration network.
  • Access to Best Practices. Network members have access to a centralized knowledgebase of best practices and work collaboratively to offer you proven IT solutions.  
  • Fully Insured. Members of IQ Tech Pros have access to complete benefits and are fully bonded and insured to the highest level required by even the most demanding clients.
  • Proven Track Record. IQ Tech Pros employees have an average of five plus years of IT consulting and project management experience—in addition to the years spent working within other companies.
  • Unique Screening. Finally, every prospective employee of IQ Tech Pros goes through a four-point review process:
    1. Skills are rated in a detailed technical interview process.
    2. Previous and ongoing projects are reviewed to ensure they meet client requirements and expectations.
    3. A 20-point reference check is done with previous managers and past contracts—all projects are referenced.
    4. A detailed background check is completed to screen for possible illegal drug use or criminal involvement.

Consultant and project membership is by network invitation only.

3.) Scalable Services. IQ Tech Pros can handle any project—large or small, simple or complex, local or worldwide.

  • Repeatable Methodologies. Specialists incorporate industry-specific, proven and repeatable methodologies to every project to shorten project completion time and ensure customer satisfaction. 
  • Global Delivery Model. 24/7 productivity can be achieved by combining IQ Tech Pros’ onshore and offshore resources to complete large or complex projects quickly. On-site project management is always available to keep things running smoothly.

IQ Tech Pros operates CMM certified facilities globally.

4.) Competitive Pricing. IQ Tech Pros offers highly competitive pricing. Here’s how: 

  • Low Overhead. The IQ Tech Pros network is a very efficient organization with minimal administrative bloat and overhead. Significantly more of the project revenue goes to the network members—and much less is used for executive perks and skyscrapers. This efficiency translates to less overhead and a MUCH lower cost to you. Our golf game suffers…but your projects won’t!
  • A NEW Model. IQ Tech Pros uses a NEW model, not one of the old “BIG consultant” models. It’s like a consulting co-op where members are treated as owners and employees. Everyone does much better—the employees and the clients, who receive superior quality services at a highly competitive price.

Picture This…

The next time you need help; just place one call to IQ Tech Pros. Your project is then completed on time, it meets or exceeds expectations—and you are the hero…all because you used the IQ Tech Pros network.

What’s Next?

  1. Call IQ Tech Pros at 713-400-5250
  2. Download the IQ Tech Pros Custom Application Management brochure. 
  3. Submit a project  or services request now!