IT Resellers

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IT Resellers

Hire IT Freelancers & IT Consultants - How It Works

Following is an explanation of how Resellers can use the IQ Tech Pros network.

You have two options. Click on either option to jump to a detailed description on this page.

Option #1. You can utilize the bench strength and capabilities of the IQ Tech Pros network to help you with your existing bids or projects won where you see gap in skills and experience and need temporary expert help with the project. 

Option #2. IQ Tech Pros can become your services arm, and provide you with pre-packaged turnkey services (think of them as “service products”) for you to resell to your existing and new clientele.

Option #1: Get help with new or existing projects from the IQ Tech Pros network:

Following is a scenario that might explain how the network can help:

You find out about a CRM integration project that has five components. You can integrate with three of the five pieces, but you don’t know how to integrate the other two (perhaps it is and Crystal Reports, etc.). So what do you do?

You can try to quickly find another reseller partner to help with the missing integration, but you run the risk that they might compete for the entire project. You can hire a and/or Crystal Reports developer, but you may not have any work after the project and have to let them go. You can try to find a freelancer, but you are quickly running out of time. Plus, having never worked on these products, you may not be able to estimate the integration time for the bid. What should you do?

Join the IQ Tech Pros network. You can then get help with the bid, find the right freelancers to help with the projects, and complete the project quickly. Following is a detailed process that shows how it works:

  1. Complete the application and approval process to become a member of the IQ Tech Pros network.
  2. A Channel Account Manager (CAM) is assigned to your account.
  3. The CAM will contact you to understand your project needs.
  4. You work with the CAM to help you identify the skill gaps which might exist in your bidding process and for delivery of services.
  5. You then complete the skills requisition form, which will identify if you need a single resource or multiple delivery teams and IT freelancers to complete the project.
  6. Send the Skills Requisition form to your CAM. 
  7. He/She will contact you to further discuss the opportunity and ask any questions or find out anything else to ensure the needs of the client are understood.
  8. Your CAM will then contact the IQ Tech Pros IT Delivery Solution Manager (DSM) to source the project and help with the proposal.
  9. Once the proposal for the network help is complete, the account manager will send you the completed proposal which will include the price, resume of the freelancers available and any other information that you might need to complete your bid. It is then submitted on your letterhead and the network is transparent to the customer.

Option #2: “Packaged Services” that you can resell.

Many resellers (large and small) do not have a formal services group. Others have one, but they are not very large and don’t have experience with all the major categories. That’s why many of the most successful resellers in the nation use the IQ Tech Pros network—it’s like a complete services arm for your company that you can outsource at wholesale prices. 

To make it easier, some of the most popular services are “packaged” and can be sold just like a product.  Following are some of the pre-packaged service categories:

  • Application Development
  • Application Management and operations
  • Application Portfolio Modernization
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Mainframe services
  • Independent Verification and Validation Software as a Service
  • Virtualization
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Architecture   
  • Human Capital Management Solutions

Following is a detailed process that shows how it works:

  1. Choose the Service offering you want to resell; it could be one of the above or a customized service set as required.
  2. Join the IQ Tech Pros network.
  3. Contact your Channel Account Manager (CAM).
  4. Depending on the specific packaged service, you may also be assigned one of the IQ Tech Pros IT Delivery Solutions Managers (DSM).
  5. The DSM helps set up the initial orientation training around the service offering for your sales team so they know how it is resourced, typical time lines, apx. costs, etc.; this is very similar to product training.
  6. Your CAM or DSM would then show you where to find the marketing collateral (brochures, flyers, website, etc.) to start selling these services. All you would do is put your logo on the materials and your marketing collateral is ready to go! 
  7. Your CAM or DSM will also help with pre-sale support, including helping you with client calls and meetings if required (any help always assumes the identity of your company—so the network is transparent to the client).
  8. The IQ Tech Pros network also helps you with services goal setting, territory account planning and complete sales support. Including:
     The coaching sessions help you learn how to ask the right questions, and help you strategize against competition.
    Bid Desk.
    You can get help writing the bid and pricing the project on your behalf.
    Turnkey Proposal.
    The network can provide complete turnkey proposals for your clients, which you can then paste on your letterhead, add your reseller margins and deliver to your clients.
    Sales Support.
    The network provides support to close the deal, including references, etc.
    Post Sales Support. 
    The IQ Tech Pros network can help with:
    - Project setup, deployment and delivery
    - Project management
    - Reporting
    - Customer Service
  9. Finally, the network can help with a Win-Loss Analysis with your sales staff to help them understand their weaknesses and strengths so they can refine their approach and sell even more services.

The IQ Tech Pros network is one of the greatest secret weapons a reseller can have to either augment existing capabilities, or provide complete and comprehensive “packaged services.” In fact, many of your competitors may be using the network already and winning some of the largest IT bids. 

It’s time to level the playing field, or gain a competitive advantage—join IQ Tech Pros, the World’s Largest Full-Service IT Integration network.