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"With IQ Tech Pros, I am earning 33% more than with my previous employer. And getting paid on time."
-W. Li, CA
"I have access to affordable Health Insurance and a 401k plan.I would definitely recommend IQ Tech Pros..."
-R. Davis, OH
"Transparency–is the word which comes to my mind when I mention IQ Tech Pros to any of my colleagues. Right from keeping me posted on all my legal paperwork, to sharing my contract info with me and advising me on my professional and personal growth"
-Ketan R., TX
"I would recommend IQ Tech Pros to anyone out there who is looking for professional independence and looking to be guided by the best in the business."
-Ketan R., TX
"Even after 30 years in [the channel] business, every once in a while I am pleasantly pleased to find a company in the industry that is providing a great service..."
-Robert Cohen,
"I make more money working with them (IQ Tech Pros) than I could with a traditional consulting company."
-R. Davis, OH
"I have had no problems with regards to immigration, insurance, payroll and other miscellaneous things while being employed with IQ Tech Pros. I would recommend anyone who wishes to consult to seriously consider joining IQ Tech Pros."
-G. Taneja, CA
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  • IT World
    November 2012 - "Can computer software read your resume? If not, you don't exist!"

    Over 50% of large companies and most recruiters use resume parsing software to analyze your resume. If the software parses it wrong, you may never be called for an interview. Read More...

    October 2012 - "Webinar Aims to Help Consultants Market Themselves"

    "If you've decided to strike out on your own, Houston-based IQ Tech Pros, which helps consultants find jobs, is offering a marketing workshop, "How to Land a Hot IT Project.” Read more...
    • Western Pennsylvania Hospital News
      July 2012 - "How to Avoid High Vendor Overhead Costs on Your Next IT Project"

      "The US market for healthcare IT is expected to grow 24 percent annually from 2012 to 2014, according to a study from RNCOS, a global market research and information analysis company. As hospitals struggle to implement e-health systems and keep up with HITECH reform, selecting the proper vendor is crucial not only to the financial stability of the hospital, but also to avoid future penalties and loss of reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid patients." Read more...
    • Channel Insider
      February 2011 - "Help Wanted: IT Talent Agencies See Growth in Demand for Contractors"

      "Although the economy isn’t quite the disaster it was two years ago, many businesses still aren’t ready to staff up in the IT department. Instead they are relying on IT talent agencies to fill the gap with contract workers for both short- and long-term projects.

      And that's not all. Vendors and solution providers looking to expand their geographic reach are doing it by hiring local talent through these agencies as well." Read more...

    • ITBusinessEdge
      November 2010 - "Reducing the Cost of IT Services"

      "...there is a more efficient approach to managing IT services. IQ Tech Pros is recruiting IT services companies to participate in an IT services network. The idea is to give customers a central location through which they can easily find the right IT services expertise they need without having to pay someone else to manage that process. IQ Tech Pros certifies the expertise of all the IT services companies participating in the network, and Aftab says that customers using the network will be able to cut their IT services costs because they will no longer need an expensive general contractor to manage the IT services process." Read more...

      November 2010 - "Price Stacking Hinders Peer Partnerships"

      "IQ Tech Pros launched its services network last summer, through which it aggregates the process of technology and service delivery, and opens lucrative opportunities to smaller solution providers. IQ Tech Pros works with integrators and service providers to build smaller and more effective collaborative networks. The net result of the system is a high quality of service delivery with fewer actors and a lower cost." Read more...

      October 2010 - "Kashif Aftab, Founder of the World's Largest Full-Service IT Integration Network"

      "IQ Tech Pros’ Founder and CEO, Kashif Aftab, has grown his company from its start-up days and helped transform the organization from a simple consulting company into the world’s largest full-service IT integration network, offering IT services globally." Read more...

      August 2010 -
      "IQ Tech Pros Aims to Make Life Easier for IT Consultants"

      ""[Independent IT] Consultants don't have back office experience," says Aftab. "When it comes time to collect money [from clients], it's a frustrating experience, and it's a time-consuming experience. It takes time away from what they do best. As a result, they don't get paid consistently, which creates a whole new set of problems for them." Read more...
    • Houston Business Journal
      August 2010 - "Harnessing the Human Element"

      "By keeping a bunch of happy consultants on hand, IQ Tech Pros' clients have a continuous roster of consultants they can tap into. Aftab says projects then get turned around faster and consultants get paid consistently.

      'We help our vendors extend their capabilities so their resellers can integrate their products faster,' Aftab says." Read more...
    • ChannelPro
      June 2010 - "IQ Tech Pros Broadens Its Network"

      "IQ Tech Pros says its resources will enable partners to 'increase their bid capabilities to price, bid, finance, and complete large or specialized IT projects in record time.'” Read more...

    • TMCnet infoTech Spotlight
      June 2010 – "IQ Tech Pros' Vast Consultant Pool Open to Vendors"

      "Vendors who partner with IQ Tech Pros gain access to over 15,000 consultants and IT integrators to increase their capabilities to bid on any project direct, get immediate resources to help price and bid the most complex jobs in record time and help their reseller partners to increase their capabilities -- so they can bid a vendor's product into any specialized project."
    • eChannelLine - USA
      June 2010 – "On the Record with Robert Cohen and IQ Tech Pros' CEO Kashif Aftab"

      "Even after 30 years in this business, every once in awhile I am pleasantly pleased to find a company in the industry that is providing a great service..."