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IQ Tech Pros Improves Access to IT Knowledge and Skill Development with Launch of Community Portal


HOUSTON, July 19, 2012, IQ Tech Pros, the world's largest full-service IT integration network, today announced the launch of a community portal to support knowledge sharing and skills development among its growing network of over 17,000 consultants.  IT professionals can access the new portal by joining IQ Tech Pros community at 


“IQ Tech Pros’ consultants have been asking for an online community for months.  Our consultants drive everything we do and we are proud to launch a community catered to IT consultants,” said Kashif Aftab, CEO of IQ Tech Pros.  “This specialized community portal creates a centralized place for our expanding community to stay connected and ensures our consultants have access to the latest company news, learning opportunities and tips for success.”


IQ Tech Pros operates its new consulting model by offering the best benefits for its consultants and fostering a company mindset to promote skills development and sharing. IQ Tech Pros eases the back office needs that often burden independent consultants and helps consultants stay focused on their primary deliverables.


The community portal will feature blogs, messaging, category forums and search features.  Consultants can personalize their own profiles, create friends lists and chat with online members.


About IQ Tech Pros
IQ Tech Pros is the world’s largest full-service IT integration network performing US operations with more than 17,000 consultants. The company helps IT resellers find qualified consultants to augment their existing capabilities and to help them compete in some of the largest and most complex mega-deal IT projects. IQ Tech Pros helps both consultants and integrators find more projects quicker, get paid faster, more consistently, and, if needed, secure work VISAs.


Additionally, IQ Tech Pros helps vendors extend the capabilities of their reseller bases enabling better product integration and participation in some of the largest, most complex bids. IQ Tech Pros uses a NEW model, not one of the old “BIG consultant” models, and operates as a consulting coop where members are treated as partners and consultants, resellers and organizations needing help are able to improve capabilities and revenue. For more information about IQ Tech Pros, visit