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IQ Tech Pros Marketing Workshop Improves Project Placement for Consultants by 75 Percent


IQ Tech Pros launches workshop to help consultants stand out and win projects faster than ever with cutting-edge marketing strategies.


HOUSTON, July 12, 2012, IQ Tech Pros, the world's largest full-service IT integration network, today announced availability of a Consultant Marketing Workshop, a new benefit for its growing network of over 17,000 consultants.  The IQ Tech Pros Consultant Marketing Workshop boosts consultant placement by up to 75 percent. While typical off project time for the consulting industry is four to six weeks, the IQ Tech Pros Consultant Marketing Workshop has reduced down time to as little as one week.


We have a hot bed of talented consultants who hold some of the most in-demand technical skills. When we received feedback that they were not even being considered for some projects, we knew there was a gap in the process,” said Kashif Aftab, CEO of IQ Tech Pros.  “Our marketing, recruiting and technical experts teamed up to create a method for improving our consultants’ resumes so they glide through the systematic filters and get noticed. We focus on everything our consultants need to secure new projects and build their careers by skillfully handling every step for winning the project.”


The Consultant Marketing Workshop webinar was created by a team of marketing experts and offers approaches for improving all steps of securing top jobs -- from prospecting, resume preparation, and interviewing techniques to negotiating the deal.


The Consultant Marketing Workshop assists with interview preparation and resume building by helping consultants break through the parsing systems most businesses have in place to filter the massive amounts of resumes they receive.  In addition, IQ Tech Pros career planning experts are on hand to advise consultants so that their resumes stand out from the crowd every time. Consultants also receive training for creating persuasive versus informative resumes and a briefing about essential elements needed to create outstanding cover letters.


The prospecting section of the webinar includes a step by step guide for generating multiple offers, creative prospecting approaches and new ideas for using social media sites.

Interviewing techniques include the full gamut of professionalism from mastering the phone interview to what to wear during an in person interview.  The webinar also reviews everything from how a consultant should prepare for tough questions during an interview to how to deliver solid responses for highlighting marketable skills.  Additionally, this portion of the webinar also incorporates suggestions for writing a polished follow up/thank you letter.


"The IQ Tech Pros team patiently and skillfully guided me through the all the steps to uncover my strengths and confirm my passion.  It’s clear the IQ Tech Pros team has years of experience in the industry.  While I had lots of take-aways, I mostly found clarity and structure after participating in this workshop. It's an awesome experience,” commented Saif Yoqoob, IQ Tech Pros consultant.


About IQ Tech Pros
IQ Tech Pros is the world’s largest full-service IT integration network performing US operations with more than 17,000 consultants. The company helps IT resellers find qualified consultants to augment their existing capabilities and to help them compete in some of the largest and most complex mega-deal IT projects. IQ Tech Pros helps both consultants and integrators find more projects quicker, get paid faster, more consistently, and, if needed, secure work VISAs.


Additionally, IQ Tech Pros helps vendors extend the capabilities of their reseller bases enabling better product integration and participation in some of the largest, most complex bids. IQ Tech Pros uses a NEW model, not one of the old “BIG consultant” models, and operates as a consulting coop where members are treated as partners and consultants, resellers and organizations needing help are able to improve capabilities and revenue. For more information about IQ Tech Pros, visit