IT Consultants

"Even after 30 years in [the channel] business, every once in a while I am pleasantly pleased to find a company in the industry that is providing a great service..."
-Robert Cohen,
"With IQ Tech Pros, I am earning 33% more than with my previous employer. And getting paid on time."
-W. Li, CA
"I have access to affordable Health Insurance and a 401k plan.I would definitely recommend IQ Tech Pros..."
-R. Davis, OH
"Transparency–is the word which comes to my mind when I mention IQ Tech Pros to any of my colleagues. Right from keeping me posted on all my legal paperwork, to sharing my contract info with me and advising me on my professional and personal growth"
-Ketan R., TX
"I would recommend IQ Tech Pros to anyone out there who is looking for professional independence and looking to be guided by the best in the business."
-Ketan R., TX
"I have had no problems with regards to immigration, insurance, payroll and other miscellaneous things while being employed with IQ Tech Pros. I would recommend anyone who wishes to consult to seriously consider joining IQ Tech Pros."
-G. Taneja, CA
"I make more money working with them (IQ Tech Pros) than I could with a traditional consulting company."
-R. Davis, OH
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Want an H1 Transfer? The Best Solution

Consider the following benefits:

1.) Get H1B & Green Card Sponsorship

  • Transfer your sponsorship. IQ Tech Pros hires US-based and international employees and can complete your H1 transfer, plus sponsor you for a Green Card immediately.
  • Top immigration attorney's work on your case. Green Card applications can take years to process, and if done incorrectly, could lead to serious delays or even deportation. IQ Tech Pros works with several of the nation's top law firms to personally handle your case or H1 transfer and maximize its potential for success.

2.) Earn MORE income

  • Drop the shackles. Many H1B visa employees are taken advantage of and paid less than their peers because they are locked into the company who "sponsored" them. As an IQ Tech Pros employee, you can increase your income from 15-50% more than what you are making today with the flex program.
  • Earn up to 40% more money than what you currently make. 

3.) Job and Financial SECURITY

  • Access to hundreds of new projects. IQ Tech Pros has a constant flow of new IT jobs (US and International) that you will have access to. No more worrying about getting laid off because there is no new work available.
  • RFI and Bid Desk projects. Depending on your specialized skills and network reputation, you may be requested to participate in new proposal requests and other pre-sale activities. This allows  you to pick and choose which projects you prefer to engage in. Plus, you can make bonus income if  you are currently on a project.
  • On time payments. IQ Tech Pros is fiscally strong. You don't have to worry about not getting paid on time, or not getting paid at all.
  • Immigration compliance. IQ Tech Pros ensures compliance with prevailing wage laws and that your H1B visa, H1 transfer and/or Green Card are processed without undue delays 

4.) Exclusive access to IT jobs at Fortune 1000 companies

  • MORE work. The IQ Tech Pros network of software vendors, resellers and IT consultants provides billions of dollars of IT services to Fortune 1000 companies nationally and internationally. As a valued employee, you will have access to these and other cutting edge IT jobs across industry lines–available right at your fingertips.

5.) Fortune 500 level Employee Benefits

  • Gain health benefits. Enroll in the group health plan and  get immediate health benefits (even for pre-existing conditions). You can usually  get more affordable group health benefits than you could get on your own.
  • Help with work VISAs. IQ Tech Pros enlists the help of three top immigration law firms and invests thousands of dollars to help you get your H1B VISA and Green Card or H1 transfer. This saves you a LOT of time and money, allows you to work on US projects that were previous not an option and can help lead to permanent resident status.
  • A national PPO plan. Use any doctor you prefer. Retain consistency in your treatment.
  • Managed 401k Plan. Secure your retirement by participating in the IQ Tech Pros managed 401k Plan. In addition, receive expert advice on how to choose funds and manage your retirement savings.

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