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IQ Tech Pros Now Offers Healthcare Services
Healthcare services help providers scrambling to meet ARRA-HITECH standards.

Houston, Texas (June, 2010). IQ Tech Pros, the world’s largest full-service IT integration network, is now offering Healthcare IT Services. These services help providers and business associates achieve HITECH compliance and become eligible for early government funds distribution.

Healthcare providers are aggressively pursuing IT projects to become HITECH compliant in time for government funds distribution in November 2010. IQ Tech Pros’ network now includes subject matter experts, service providers and vendors in the Healthcare industry as a packaged solution to meet their needs,” says Kashif Aftab, CEO of IQ Tech Pros.

HITECH compliance will affect Medicare and Medicaid payments. In addition, employees may be personally fined up to $1.5M and receive possible jail time for mishandling data breaches. Data breaches will also mean major company fines and required media disclosures that could impact their reputation as well as bottom line financials.

Now, healthcare providers and business associates can tap into the IQ Tech Pros network of over 15,000 IT professionals. Healthcare services include HITECH compliance, HIPAA privacy, security and electronic data interchange and EMR/EHR implementation.

“HITECH is already starting to impact the healthcare industry. Covered entities are being hit with millions of dollars in fines for regulatory negligence. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of data breaches being reported in just the first couple months of 2010,” says Mark Cone, principal of N-Tegrity Solution Group, a healthcare IT consulting firm. “Many of the organizations that are considered business associates don’t understand that HITECH places responsibility on their shoulders for HIPAA Security compliance.”


About IQ Tech Pros


IQ Tech Pros, formerly Saga Consulting, with over 15,000 consultants, is the world’s largest full-service IT integration network.  The company helps IT resellers find qualified consultants to augment their existing capabilities and help them compete in some of the largest and most complex mega-deal IT projects.  It helps consultants and integrators to find more projects quicker, get paid faster, more consistently, and get work VISAs (if needed).  Plus, it helps vendors to extend the capabilities of their existing reseller base—so their resellers can better integrate their product as part of some of the largest, most complex bids.

IQ Tech Pros uses a NEW model, not one of the old “BIG consultant” models, it is like a consulting co-op where the members are treated as partners and everyone does better–the consultants, the resellers and the organization needing help.