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Over 15,000 consultants to help vendors & resellers handle complex bids


Houston, Texas (May, 2010). IQ Tech Pros, the world's largest full-service IT integration network, has now opened its network to vendors. Previously only available to select resellers and integrators, the network’s 15,000+ consultants are now available to help vendors increase their own and their resellers ability to bid and service the most complex projects. Vendors can get help integrating directly or help their resellers to increase their capabilities within minutes, by joining the IQ Tech Pros network of over 15,000 consultants, IT Integrators, and partners.


“Vendors are often left out of some of the largest IT bids because they don’t have the capability to bid and complete all parts of a complex IT integration project—either directly, or through their resellers (who may lack similar capability),” says Kashif Aftab, CEO of IQ Tech Pros.“ However, when they join with IQ Tech Pros, they can tap into a massive network that can help with any phase of a complex project—including the mega-deals that only the largest vendors (like IBM, Unisys, Accenture and others) can usually service. Resellers can look much bigger than they really are, because with the IQ Tech Pros network… they are.”


Vendors who partner with IQ Tech Pros can gain access to over 15,000 consultant and IT Integrator members to 1) increase their capabilities to bid on any project direct, 2) get immediate resources to help price and bid the most complex jobs in record time, and 3) help their reseller partners to increase their capabilities—so they can bid a vendor’s product into any specialized project—including the mega deals.


“This is one of the greatest services I’ve ever seen for vendors and the channel,” says Ted Finch, president of, a high-tech channel consulting firm. “So many times a large RFQ deal comes in requiring integration with 4-5 products. A reseller may only know how to integrate three of the five, so they quickly try to find a consultant or another reseller who can help them bid and win the project. Now, they make one phone call and find a non-competitive consultant/integrator in minutes, plus get help throughout the entire bid-to-completion process. What a great concept.”


 Everyone wins—the organization needing help can single-source their complex IT project, the reseller gets the help needed to bid, finance and complete the projects, and consultants are able to help more companies with their specialized expertise, programming, or integration capabilities.


Even large companies, such as IBM, have recently announced a similar, but yet-to-be developed network to help their resellers collaborate to better handle complex bids. Maybe they and other vendors should just join the IQ Tech Pros network which is already setup.



About IQ Tech Pros


IQ Tech Pros, formerly Saga Consulting, with over 15,000 consultants, is the world’s largest full-service IT integration network. The company helps IT resellers find qualified consultants to augment their existing capabilities and help them compete in some of the largest and most complex mega-deal IT projects. It helps consultants and integrators to find more projects quicker, get paid faster, more consistently, and get work VISAs (if needed). Plus, it helps vendors to extend the capabilities of their existing reseller base—so their resellers can better integrate their product as part of some of the largest, most complex bids.


IQ Tech Pros uses a NEW model, not one of the old “BIG consultant” models, it is like a consulting co-op where the members are treated as partners and everyone does better–the consultants, the resellers and the organization needing help.